Connfair offers interesting possibilities to manage events even in times of distance regulations, access restrictions and hygiene concepts. Read how to use our system intelligently:

1. Sell your tickets online and acquire customer contact data at the same time

Whoever sells admission tickets through our Online-Ticke­ting-Sys­tem ensures an intelligent hygiene concept in multiple ways: Firstly, the tickets are scanned at the entrance and do not have to be sold at the box office, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Secondly, you can directly enter the contact data of the visitors in the same go. Thirdly, if a Corona case occurs at your event, you can inform the guests quickly and easily by collective mail via our integrated notification system. You can export the contact data for the health authorities as an Excel list. This is also done easily within seconds.

2. Manage your admission contact-free

You have the choice for the entrance: Either you could use our affordable scanning app on your tablet/smartphone to validate tickets.

Or you let our mobile turnstile take over the access control fully automatically and contact-free.

You can place it anywhere - only an electrical connection is needed. Visitors then scan their tickets themselves similar to the way they would at the airport to enter your event.

3. Count your visitors via app or light barrier

Das Bild zeigt ein Smartphone, auf dem die Counter App von Connfair zu sehen ist: Ein Tortendiagramm zeigt, wie viele Menschen eine VEranstaltung betreten und verlassen haben.

Connfair also offers several options for visitor counting. Anyone who has sold online tickets automatically counts the guests when scanning them anyway.

Another option is our Coun­ter App. It is for example used by security personnel to count visitors at several entrances simultaneously.

The app synchronizes the data of the various entries and exits in real time. This means that the current utilization can be displayed on any number of devices, for example on a screen in a main office.

If you decide to go for our Entry-Light visitors are counted fully automatically. This is particularly practical for larger events: If a room/a hall/a pavilion becomes too crowded, the traffic light turns red and restricts admission. The different systems can be combined with each other. For example, you can use the Entry-Light for a main entrance and use the Counter App to count at side entrances simultaneously.

If you have any questions or if you would like a non-binding offer, please call our office in Darmstadt: 06151 520 1330. Together we will find an individual solution for you so that you can plan again with a clear conscience.