The Rhine-Neckar region is known for its beautiful vineyards, river meanders and historic castles. The Burgensteig is a 120-km long quality hiking trail through exactly this scenery. Together with the Tourismus Service Bergstraße e.V. we were allowed to work out our second collaboration: Up the Burgensteig is a three-month campaign in which hikers can take part in a competition at a total of 19 digital 'stamp stations' from Darmstadt to Heidelberg and the feeder roads. From August 1st to November 1st 2020, the motto is: "Whoever walks and stamps can win."

Raffle on the Burgensteig

Participation is very easy via the station's own QR code on the poster that is posted at each station. This must be scanned via the smartphone and leads directly to the event page of the campaign. As an alternative to the QR code scan, a specified link can be entered into the browser or the tourist office can be called - the chances of winning remain the same for everyone. On the poster, but also on the event page, participants will find all information about the campaign, an overview of the stations and links to social media. Translated with (free version) 

Participation in the raffle is done by registering on the event page, where the hikers enter their contact details. Every week Connfair will then draw a lucky winner from among the registrations. Prizes are for example a special breakfast, event tickets or hiking literature. At the end of the campaign the following main prize will be raffled among all participants of the three months: a knight's banquet for 2 persons at the castle Auerbach. Hikers who hiked to each of the 19 stations during the campaign period will also be rewarded for their sporting activity.

Adjustments of the Connfair Admintool correspondent to the campaign

For the Tourismus Service Bergstraße e.V., our development department has come up with an extra idea and expanded existing functionalities in order to offer hikers the best possible experience. For example, in the registration fields it is asked how the visitors found out about the campaign. This allows the Tourismus Service Bergstraße e.V. to easily track the success of its marketing activities. 

In addition, the built-in tracking links in the Connfair Admintool not only ensure that each hiker registers only once per station, but it is also possible to track which stations are particularly 'learned'.

Through a weekly evaluation with statistics and analyses the Bergstraße Tourismus Service e.V. is able to constantly check the success of its campaign.

Creation of an interactive map

Furthermore, we have additionally adapted the event page to the requirements of the campaign: Instead of our regular location map, we added an interactive map that contains all 19 stations. This allows hikers to look up the location or route to a stamp station at any time and check where exactly they can find the QR code.

The campaign shows how flexible our system, but also the Connfair team, can be in response to individual customer wishes and requirements. We are very happy to be part of this great campaign. The ideal implementation especially in times of Covid-19 motivates people to explore the beautiful mountain road and the castles. And who knows, maybe you too will be rewarded for your outdoor activity as well. In calendar week 38 a food voucher of the Frankenstein Castle will be raffled among the hikers!

Campaign period

August 1st until November 1st 2020 

Event region

Bergstraße from Darmstadt to Heidelberg 

More information:äßer-Burgensteig-103481548056769