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Eine rei­bungs­lose Ver­an­stal­tung dank digi­ta­ler Lösun­gen – das ist das Ziel unse­rer modu­la­ren Event-Platt­form. Durch unser viel­fäl­ti­ges Ange­bot an Modu­len kön­nen Sie genau die Funk­tio­nen wäh­len, die für Ihre Ver­an­stal­tung wich­tig sind; vom Ticket­ver­kauf über Wer­be­maß­nah­men bis hin zum Ein­lass­ma­nage­ment. Durch die Inte­gra­tion von wei­te­ren Lösun­gen durch Koope­ra­tion mit Part­ner­fir­men kön­nen wir Ihnen so ein gro­ßes Spek­trum an Funk­tio­nen bieten.

Your event runs professionally, efficiently and customer oriented: the modular structure of Connfair makes it possible!


With the Connfair module Ticketing you can sell tickets for your event online. You always keep the overview: For example, change the number of available tickets with just a few clicks or introduce an additional ticket category. Various statistics help to optimize marketing and track ticket sales. So there are no surprises on the day of the event!

Event page

Create your own web presence for your event within minutes without any software knowledge - no problem with the Connfair module Eventpage. Customize a predefined layout and share a short link to your event page in social networks or in the newsletter. Different payment methods are already fully integrated. Statistics provide information on how the event page is used. For every event managed with Connfair the event page is available for free.

Admission management

What would an event be without successful admission management? For this purpose Connfair offers a free Android-based Admin App with which you can scan the tickets. Additionally you can book our mobile turnstile to completely automate the admission. This helps you to fully focus on the needs of the participants.

Module: Ticketing


Mit­hilfe ver­schie­dener Links kön­nen Sie genau ver­fol­gen, über wel­chen Kanal die Besu­cher auf Ihrer Event­page gelan­det sind.  Die Erfolge Ihrer Mar­ke­ting­maß­nah­men in Ver­kaufs- und Social-Media-Kanä­len kön­nen Sie dadurch genau beur­tei­len. Inklu­sive sind natür­lich sta­tis­ti­sche Daten wie Umsatz pro Tracking Link oder die Berech­nung der Kon­ver­si­ons­rateAls Kurz­link kön­nen die Tracking Links auch schnell mal von einem Pla­kat abge­tippt wer­den. 

Adjustable registration fields

During ticket sales, quickly check your food preferences or the selection of a workshop? No problem with the flexibly customizable registration fields. You can define whether you want to request details from the ticket owner or the orderer. Configure yourself which information is mandatory and customize the query fields individually, for example in the form of selection menus, checkboxes or free text fields.


Daten­aus­wer­tungen sind das Herz­stück der Event-Platt­formIn viel­fäl­ti­gen Sta­tis­ti­ken fin­den Sie Ant­wor­ten: Woher kom­men die Teil­neh­mer? Wel­cher Tracking Link bringt die meis­ten Sei­ten­auf­rufewel­cher die meis­ten Bestel­lun­gen, wel­cher den größ­ten Umsatz? Wann kom­men die Teil­neh­mer zu mei­ner Ver­an­stal­tung, and wel­chen Ein­gang nut­zen die Besu­cher beson­ders oft?

Further great features of the ticketing modules


Für jedes Event kann eine unli­mi­tierte Anzahl an Ticket­ka­te­go­rien ange­legt wer­den. Diese wer­den auf der Event­page ange­zeigt und ver­kauft. In jeder Ticket­ka­te­go­rie sind zusätz­li­che Kon­fi­gu­ra­tio­nen mög­lich, vom Ver­kaufs­zeit­raum (bspw. Early Bird Tickets) über die maxi­male Anzahl der zur Ver­fü­gung ste­hen­den Tickets bis hin zu einem Hin­weis­text, der auf dem Ticket ange­zeigt wird. Sowohl kos­ten­lose als auch kos­ten­pflich­tige Ticket­ka­te­go­rien kön­nen hin­ter­legt werden.


After ordering, all participants will receive an e-mail with a ticket in PDF format as well as a QR code for admission. Individual information texts for individual ticket categories and own pictures or graphics can be displayed on the ticket. With the admin app, both digital and printed paper tickets can be scanned.


The sophisticated authorization system allows different uses of the event platform: An employee of a partner company needs access to the names of the participants, but should not be able to cancel tickets? A working student only needs access authorization - but this for all events of your company? All this can be easily implemented with the user administration. Different read and write accesses can be granted at both event and company level, thus allowing a high degree of flexibility. If this is not enough for you, we can create additional individual roles for you.


Would you like to send out a quick reminder e-mail to all participants two days before the event? Or tell the ticket holders for the programming workshop which programs must be pre-installed? You can send automated e-mails via the participant communication. You can select the recipients from one or more ticket categories or send messages to all participants.


If you like to stay in control of your event and want to be regularly informed about the success of your event, use the daily, weekly or monthly sales overview via e-mail. In your user account you can set up additional notifications, for example, if a ticket category is sold out or if you would like to receive an email for every ticket sold. These settings can be set globally for all events or individually for a single event.


You see the advantages of online ticket sales, but you do not want to do your business without "offline sales" completely yet? Direct sales are comparable to the classic advance sale or the box office. Create a ticket for a buyer within seconds and either send it by e-mail, print it out on the spot or show the buyer a QR code with which he can download the ticket via smartphone.

Module: Event page


You can create your own ticket online shop within minutes and start selling directly. Thanks to a preview function, the creation of the event page is particularly easy and can be adjusted or extended at any time. No advertising disturbs the guests when they register. LOOK AT AN DEMO-EVENT PAGE


Enable your participants modern payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Also offer classical methods like Sepa, credit card, instant bank transfer, purchase on account or advance payment . Depending on the method, your money will be available within seconds or a few days and will be transferred to your account with the next weekly payout.


Vor allem für inter­na­tio­nale Ver­an­stal­tun­gen wich­tig: der Mehr­spra­chen­sup­port für die Event­page. Der kom­plette Inhalt der Event­page, von der Beschrei­bung über die Ticket­ka­te­go­rien bis zu den Regis­trie­rungs­fel­dern, kann in ver­schie­de­nen Spra­chen ange­zeigt wer­den. 

Module: Admission management


Instal­lie­ren Sie unsere Android-basierte Admin App auf Smart­phone oder Tablet, um per QR-Code die Tickets der Besu­cher zügig und mobil zu kon­trol­lie­ren. So haben Sie genau im Blick, wer schon da ist und wer noch fehlt – sowohl in der App als auch im Conn­fair Admin­tool. Durch die kon­stante Ver­bin­dung mit den Conn­fair-Sys­te­men syn­chro­ni­siert sich die Admin App inner­halb kür­zes­ter Zeit mit den aktu­el­len DatenDie Admin App ist kos­ten­los bei allen Pake­ten dabei und kann auf meh­re­ren Gerä­ten gleich­zei­tig instal­liert wer­den. 


We do not only do digital! Our mobile turnstile can simply be unfolded and placed in front of any door. Thanks to an integrated smartphone with a special version of the Connfair Admin App installed, visitors scan their tickets themselves. This saves you money for the admission controllers - and you can fully focus on your visitors.


Die Tickets wer­den im Vor­feld auf das Smart­phone gela­den, der Ein­lass ist auch ohne Inter­net mög­lichRaffi­nierte Algo­rith­men syn­chro­ni­sie­ren die Daten aller Scan­pro­zesse beim nächs­ten Zugang zum Inter­net mit den Conn­fair Ser­vern. So erhal­ten Sie auch im Anschluss an Ihre Ver­an­stal­tung noch die vol­len Aus­wer­tungsmög­lich­kei­ten und sehen, ob alle Tickets ord­nungs­ge­mäß ver­wen­det wur­den. Kon­tak­tie­ren Sie uns, wenn Sie die Off­line­ver­füg­bar­keit benö­ti­gen.

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