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Smoothly run events thanks to digital solutions - this is the goal of our modular event platform.Through our diverse range of modules, you can choose the exact functions that are important for your event; from ticket sales to advertising measures, as well as admission management. By integrating further solutions through cooperation with partner companies, we offer you a wide range of functions for your event planning and execution.

Create your own ticket shop, sell tickets online and promote your event in a targeted manner: This is made possible by the Connfair ticketing module. For example, changing the number of available tickets or introducing another ticket category are just a few clicks away. Statistics help optimize marketing and track ticket sales. That way you will always have an overview and are spared any surprises on the day of the event!
Run your event: Professionally, efficiently and in a guest-oriented manner. All this is made possible by the modular structure of Connfair!
Interaktion und Kommunikation über Visitor Hubs

Visitor Hub

Interactions and communication with your attendees are all controlled from one central location - the Visitor Hub. From here you can send invitations, communicate with your attendees, check data for completion, and much more. Your participants can upload important documents and make them available to you. Also, participants have the possibility to cancel their registration, resend or make changes.
eigene Eventpage

Event Page

No software knowledge? No problem! With the Connfair module event page, create a web presence specifically for your event including a ticket-shop within the span of a few minutes.
Admission Management

Admission Management

What would an event without a proper entry management be? For this purpose Connfair offers a free admin app for both Android and iOs with which you can scan tickets. In addition, you can book our mobile turnstile in order to completely automatize the entry. This assists you in focusing fully on the concerns of the participants.

The Event Platform as a Core System

Ticketing Module
Tracking Links verfolgen

Tracking Links

With the help of various links you can track exactly which channels the visitors used to land on the ticket store on your event page. This allows you to accurately assess the success of your marketing measures in sales and social media channels. Naturally, statistical data such as sales per tracking link or the calculation of the conversion rate are included. As a short link, the tracking links can also be quickly typed out from a poster or scanned directly as a QR code.

Anpassbares Registrierungsfeld

Customizable Registration Fields

Want to qickly inquire about the meal preferences or a workshop selection during the ticketsales ? This is facilitated with the flexibly customizable registration fields. You decide whether or not to require details from the ticket owner or the purchaser.You are able to determine yourself which information is mandatory and even customize the query fields. This can be done in the form of selection menus, checkboxes or open text fields.

Datenauswertung der Event-Plattform

Comprehensive Statistics

Data evaluations are the centerpiece of the event platform.Many things become cleared up in a wide range of statistics. Answers to questions like "where do the attendees come from?" "Which tracking link generates the most page visits, as well as which one brings the most oders and which the biggest revenue?" "When do the participants come to my event, and which entrance do they use particularly often?" can all be found in the statistical data.

Module: Visitor Hub
2G-3G vor dem Event validieren

Prevalidate Corona Status

Verifying Corona statuses is no longer a hassle! Thanks to automation, you no longer need to review corona health certificates. This step is done in the Visitor Hub in advance. Attendees upload their vaccination and health certificates and the software automatically checks their validity and release the tickets accordingly. This way you will save precious time and additional staff for the entrance.
Teilnehmer zum Event einladen

Invite Participants to the Event

Do you want to invite VIPs, Press and Sponsors? Is your event exclusive for invited attendees? You can invite participants through the Visitor Hub with a single mouseclick.To do that, you simply have to type in the email address of the subject person and click on "send".

Teilnehmer zum Event einladen

Self-service for Participants

You can decide what your participants will be able to set up independently in self-service. Everything is possible here at this stage, from Corona pre-validation and the forwarding of tickets to re-personalization. Even ticket cancellations can be done by the participants themselves, if you choose to grant them access. This saves you time in support.
Module: Event Page
eigenen Ticketshop erstellen


Within a few minutes your own online ticketshop is created and you can start the ticket sale right away. Creating the event page is especially easy thanks to our preview function and can be adapted or extended at any given time. No advertisement disturbs page visitors during registration. View Demo Eventpage


Integrated Payment Methods

Make it possible for your customers to use modern payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Also offer classical payment methods such as sepa, credit card, instant transfer, Paypal, invoice or prepayment. Depending on the method, your money will be available within a few seconds or a couple of days and will be transferred to your bank account on a weekly basis.



Especially important for international events: The multilingual support for the event page. The entire event page content,from the description, to the ticket categories and the registration fields, can all be displayed in various languages.

Module: Admission Management
Ein Besucher betritt eine Veranstaltung. Sein Ticket wird per QR-Code mit der Connfair Admin App gescannt.


Install our admin app for Android and iOS on your smartphone or tablet to control participant tickets via QR code quickly and remotely.This way you will have an overview over who is already present and who is still didn't make it - in the app, as well as in the Connfair admin tool. Being linked with the Connfair systems, the admin app constantly synchronizes itself with actualized data. The admin app is included for free with all packages and can be installed on multiple devices at the same time.

mobiles Drehkreuz und Einlass vollautomatisch steuern lassen


We can do more than just digital solutions! We exhibit this with our turnstile. Install the turnstile at any door you prefer and gain a fully automated control over the entry.Participants can scan their own tickets, while you maintain an overview of the current number of people present and may expand the turnstile with a stop light for load control. This way you spare yourself the costs of entrance checkers and may put all your focus on your participants.

Einlass und Ticketscan mit der Admin App von Connfair, funktioniert auch offline


The tickets are downloaded on the smartphone in advance , which makes the entrance still possible without internet. This function is, however, only possible with the admin app and the ticket scanner. Refined algorithms synchronize the data in all scan processes with the Connfair servers with each upcoming access to an internet connection. This way you will subsequently receive full analyses possibilities and see whether the tickets have been used properly. Contact us if you need the offline availability option.

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