Our employees are the key resource of our company.

Different people hold different talents and potential. Our goal is not only to find the "right employee" for the right task, but also to accompany them in their development. Because every person has his own past, his own present and his own unique future.

Therefore, not only our activities in the area of employee development are decisive, but also the approach to it. Respect and openness characterise our working atmosphere.

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Richard Bran­son

It is important to us that not only Connfair continues to grow as a company, but also that our employees and the people behind the company keep growing and developing their potential more and more. We demand and encourage personal responsibility, participation, an open communication culture and flat hierarchies. For us, making mistakes is not a failure, but another opportunity to learn from and with each other.

Therefore, we do not see ourselves simply as an employer in the classical sense, but support our employees in finding fulfilment in their tasks and to make a meaningful contribution with their gifts and talents.