You have to comply with Corona regulations for restaurants ? With Connfair's visitor registration you can record who has visited you and when, down to the minute. We take care that the data is deleted after four weeks as required by law. In this interview you will learn how we protect our data. The visitor registration can be used conveniently in self-service. And this is how it works:

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to the website  and click on the orange field "Sign Up". Enter your first name, surname and e-mail address, think of a password and choose which Connfair service you want to use. Select the option "Visitor registration".

A verification link will be sent to you by e-mail. If you click on the link and register, you will be taken to the admin tool, the heart of Connfair. Depending on which service you have registered for, your start page will look different.

Step 2: Create your restaurant

Select "Connfair visitor registration templates" in the top right-hand corner of the admin tool and click on the "+" symbol. A window will open in which you can enter your company name and e-mail address. Click on "Save".

Step 3: Configure your restaurant

You configure your restaurant by clicking on "Get started now". Don't get confused: From this step on we speak of event instead of restaurant, because the visitor registration is basically based on the Connfair ticketing module and the naming is currently being adapted.

A window opens in which you simply enter the name of your restaurant as the event name. For the start date you choose the current date, for the end date you choose any date in the year 2021. It is important that you set the slider to "Public Event". This guarantees that your guests will be able to register conveniently in your restaurant via smartphone later. In the event description you welcome your guests and explain how and why you are entering the data.

Step 4: Set up registration fields

Which data should be queried and how should your guests register? By reservation of timeslots or by one-time registration? You define how the registration of your guests will be handled later by configuring the ticket categories and the registration fields.

Step 5: Share the link to your registration page

The link that leads your guests to the registration page can be found in the admin tool under "Eventpage short link". You have some freedom to design the registration page nicely and you can also add pictures. Additionally you can print out a QR code, which your guests can use to register on site. You can download the QR code directly on the start page in the admin tool.

Step 6: Record guests via Admin App

Download the Connfair Admin App from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) and log in. With the help of the app you can scan the logins (=tickets) of your guests and thus record to the minute who entered and left your restaurant and when. You can download a list of your guests' data that was present in the restaurant at a specific time from the admin tool.

More information about costs & privacy of the visitor registration can be found here:
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions: +49 6151 520 1330.

Other useful offers from Connfair

You are also welcome to test our other services. You can sell tickets in your own online shop over the event plat­form. You can also scan tickets automatically with a mobile turnstile. The Counter App combined with a fully automatic Entry-Light helps shop owners to control the flow of visitors in times of Corona. All services can be combined with each other.