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Next Level Online Event Ticketing System - schnell, einfach, flexibel, mächtig

In wenigen Minuten ist Ihr Online Event Ticketing System einsatzbereit. Generieren Sie mehr Teilnehmer und mehr Umsatz. Setzen Sie auf Wachstum mit der integrierten Ticketlösung auf Ihrer eigenen Website.

Improve user experience and persuade your visitors to become customers with a stable, reliable system and world-class support.

All features at a glance

Event Ticketing can be very simple

Mit nur wenigen Klicks stellen Sie Ihre Eventtickets online und beginnen mit dem Verkauf. Sie können das Online Event Ticketing System auf einer kostenfreien Eventpage oder auf Ihre eigene Website integrieren.

Änderungen können Sie jederzeit vornehmen und bleiben damit äußerst flexibel.

Event Ticketing can be very simple
Event Ticketing flexibel und einfach
Achieve complete independence
Event Ticketeinnahmen behalten
Achieve complete independence

Wir leiten Ihre Ticketeinnahmen monatlich auf Ihr Bankkonto weiter. Zahlungen empfangen Sie über PayPal, Kreditkarte, SEPA, Google Pay, Apple Pay oder Kauf auf Rechnung – so wie Sie es wünschen.

So garantieren wir Ihnen volle Unabhängigkeit und einen fortlaufenden Cashflow.

Incomparable ticket margin
You can start at €0.35 per ticket and create an unbeatable ticket margin. High taxes and lack of transparency are old news!
Incomparable ticket margin
Höhere Ticketmarge für Events
No more wasting time and money
Analysen für Veranstaltungstickets
No more wasting time and money
Effortlessly optimize your event marketing. Invest your resources in the leads for success only. With the Connfair evaluations, management and controlling becomes super easy!
Shorten the time at the entrance
Choose reliability and stability! The ticket scan with the admin app or fully automated with the mobile turnstile even works when you are offline.
Shorten the time at the entrance
Ticketscanner für Event Tickets
Click Here for Your Ticketing Upgrade!
We would be happy to help you improve your event ticketing with Connfair. We are also happy to advise you on optimizing your entry control and organizing your event.
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Beliebte Features im Online Event Ticketing System

You know your event best. Create any number of ticket categories to be displayed and sold on the event page.

You can add further configurations per ticket category: From the sales period (e.g. Early Bird tickets) to the maximum number of tickets available to a notice text that is displayed on the ticket.

Whether free or paid ticket categories, with just a few clicks your event ticketing is ready to go.

All participants will receive an automated email with a ticket in PDF format and a QR code after ordering.

Individual information texts for single ticket categories and your own images or graphics can be displayed on the ticket.

Both digital and printed paper tickets can be scanned using the Admin App and mobile turnstile.

Find out with which campaigns and channels you attract the most participants - with Connfair in real-time!

Maintain an overview and customize an efficient, goal-oriented and sustainable event marketing. Make decisions based on solid statistics. That's how it works!

User administration made simple. Maintain total control and give out authorizations as you prefer.

Diverse options of writing and reading access can be issued on the event level as well as the corporate level, allowing high flexibility.

Should you require further functionalities, we are happy to create more individual roles for you.

Create your own seat plan for halls, stadiums or arenas. Use our smart function and integrate ticketing, as well as seat selection.

Enable your guests to choose their own seats. Avoid double-bookings and make it easier for yourself, as well as your attendees.

Reach all participants at the right time, at all times. Send self-operated Emails and communicate with participants through automated marketing.

A particularly smart function is that you can automatically send your existing marketing E-Mails to future ticket buyers with just one click.

You can choose the recipient out of one or multiple ticket categories or you can send Emails to all participants at once.

In the blink of an eye, you can arrange your own event page with an integrated online ticketshop. All you need are set ticket categories.

Adjust the event page to fit your corporate identity with a description and a header photo.

Keep track of current figures and numbers and and receive daily, weekly or monthly sales overviews by email.

Further notifications can be set ip in your user account, for example if a ticket category is sold out or if you would like to receive an e-mail for every ticket sold.

You can adjust these settings universally for all events as well as individually for singlular events.

Want to use the benefits of online ticketing without having to waiver the "offline sales"? No problem!

Direct selling is comparable to the classic pre-sale or the box office.

Create a ticket for buyers within seconds and either send it via email, print it out on the spot, or use a QR code that allows the buyers to download the ticket via smartphone.

How to use the ticketing solution the smart way

Combine our solutions as you prefer and tailor the Connfair event platform exactly to your needs. Feel free to contact us - together, we will create a digital concept for your event! Here you can find current case examples:
Organize events in compliance with the requirements for contact data collection and number of persons.
Set up your own web presence including registration and ticketing within just a few minutes.
Unlock tickets for a specified period of time once a vaccination record, proof of recovery, or negative Corona test is presented.
Offer reservations for webinars and conferences via fill-in forms on your own website and communicate with participants.
Embed a traffic indicator into your website within a few minutes and show the current capacity utilization.
Manage the entry to your event quickly and easily via smartphone app.

Implement the legal requirements for contact data collection - taking the DSGVO into consideration.


We guarantee you transparency in our work and charge you a fixed price per ticket. You already start from 0,35€.

If you use integrated payment processing, there is a percentage fee charged by the payment provider.

You can get started in just a few minutes. You only need to create your ticket categories, determine a contingent and the final customer price. Once set, your tickets go directly online on the event page and ticket sales can begin right away.

There are a few points. To tell you the most important one: With us, you always have a direct contact person.

We also offer you an integrated solution so that, for example, in addition to ticketing, you also have access to entry management and attendee control with a single tool.

Our ticket fees are completely transparent and you will receive your ticket revenue per bank account transfer on a weekly basis. This way we guarantee you an ongoing cash flow, so you can invest your revenue directly into your event.

In addition, we do not engage in data mining, i.e. the customer data is not collected. The data belongs to your customers and that's how it should stay!

Yes, all you need is an iFrame that we provide. You embed it on your homepage so that interested parties don't have to leave your website to secure tickets.

This increases your user experience and therefore your conversion rate.

Yes. We will be happy to provide you with discount codes, the value of which you can determine in percentage or absolute terms. Your customers enter the discount code in your ticket store and the price becomes reduced accordingly.
Yes. You can clone the event with just a few clicks. All you need to do is type in the changes and the ticket sale may begin. Alternatively, with the time slot booking, tickets can also be offered for specific time periods for several-day or continuous events.
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Lassen Sie uns über Ihre Herausforderungen sprechen und wie wir sie gemeinsam meistern können. Wählen Sie einen Termin aus dem Kalender und buchen Sie ein 15, 30 oder 60-minütiges Gespräch mit unserem Customer Success Team. Oder schreiben Sie uns eine Nachricht.