Employees of the Kulmbach public utility company recently installed two Connfair Entry-Lights at the entrance to the Kulmbach outdoor pool. The advantage of the measuring system is mainly the high protection level of the hardware and the reliable, fully automatic people counting. Thanks to the integrated capacity display on the homepage, outdoor pool visitors can see from the comfort of their own homes whether the outdoor pool still has free capacity or whether the visitor maximum has already been reached.

Installed Connfair Entry-Lights at the entrance of the outdoor pool in Kulmbach. Picture: Christian Kolb

According to forecasts, the summer of 2020 will again reach record temperatures. At the same time, publicly accessible facilities and buildings can only be opened under strict conditions as measures to contain the spread of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. This includes, among other things, limiting the number of people in a commercial space. Those constraints will continuously have a strong impact on our everyday lives for the next few months.

This will be a very different summer for all of us and limits us in activities that we associate with hot summer weeks: long, fun barbecues with family and friends, rousing festivals, trips to faraway countries and, above all, lots of time at the outdoor pool.

But thanks to an intelligent, digital people counting by our Connfair Entry-Lights Kulmbach residents can spend time in the open air pool unconcerned this year as well. The Kulmbach public utility company Stadtwerke Kulmbach has informed itself and found a solution with us to comply with the official regulations. As a result, we were allowed to provide the entrance and exit of the open-air pool with two of our Entry-Lights at the beginning of June. These fully automatically count every visitor entering or leaving the open-air pool. The results are synchronized so that the facility never unintentionally exceeds the permitted maximum capacity at any time. In addition, this enables clear evaluation graphics of the visitor flows to be viewed at any time and the configuration can be adjusted at short notice if measures are relaxed.  

Stadtwerke Kulmbach has also integrated the information on current capacity utilisation on its own website. This means that visitors can already view free capacities from home. This makes the bathing day easier to plan and prevents long queues at the entrance. When another entrance is opened, Stadtwerke Kulmbach can expand the systems with the Connfair Counter App, which counts visitors manually. This data is also synchronised and converges in the cloud systems with the data of the Entry-Lights.

After requesting a price quotation, the ordering process and delivery of the Entry-Lights to Kulmbach proceeded quickly and without complications. Our personal support responded to the individual needs of Stadtwerke Kulmbach and the conditions of the open-air pool. Thus the correct height of the Entry-Lights was set and special weather conditions were taken into account. Above all, the responsible persons liked the high degree of protection of our Entry-Lights against e.g. dust and spray water. 

We are very pleased about the cooperation with Stadtwerke Kulmbach and that nothing can stop a hot summer's day at the Kulmbach outdoor pool anymore.