Fully automatic people counting with Entry-Light from Connfair. Concentrate on your customers - our Entry-Light takes care of the counting. With the additional smartphone app you always have an overview.

In almost all federal states there are admission restrictions for stores, museums, restaurants and much more. Often the regulations stipulate that the number of persons must be limited based on the sales area.

The Connfair Entry-Light takes over the counting of your customers and visitors fully automatic by built-in light barrier. Thanks to constant synchronization with the Connfair cloud systems, the use of several Entry-Lights is possible without any problems.

Das Gerät benö­tigt ledig­lich Strom und kann per Plug&Play ohne Bau­maß­nah­men in Betrieb genom­men wer­den. Durch die optio­nal erhält­li­che All-Net LTE SIM-Karte benö­ti­gen Sie nicht ein­mal einen Netzwerkanschluss.

With the Connfair Admintool and the Counter App you always have a complete overview, perform analytics and adjust configuration, for example if regulations change at short notice.

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Your advantages

Immediately usable

The device is delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation within less minutes - only a power connection is required. If you have not chosen the optional LTE variant, a network connection or Wifi is also required.

One of our experts will be pleased to assist you digitally with the installation to ensure a reliable count.

Optionally combinable

You can combine our Entry-Light system as you wish. You can use an Entry-Light as a standalone solution, several lights as a complete solution, or a combination of Entry-Lights and our Counter App.

You are still unsure and want to test our Entry-Light system first? Install the Counter App now and start right away. There are no additional costs for the purchase of an Entry-Light system.

Easy to use

The overall system is designed for a simple, mobile and understandable usage. The used traffic light signalling is familiar to everyone and easy to understand. If somebody still ignores the red traffic light, an acoustic warning signal can be enabled.

On the operator side, simple and speedy commissioning as well as simple and easy-to-understand self-services are available in order to be able to configure the device quickly and make adjustments - without time-consuming support requests.

Counter App & Admintool

With the for iOS and Android available Coun­ter App you always have a full overview of your utilization and can make short-term adjustments and view evaluations. A manual use of our Entry-Light system via app is already possible while the Entry-Light is still on the way to you.

Per Entry-Light you get five free users for the Counter App and the Admintool.

This is how the Connfair entry system works

The heart of our entry light system are the cloud systems. Here all data of the Entry-Lights, the apps and the Admintool converge and are evaluated. Third-party systems can be connected via interfaces (Public APIs) and, for example, the current capacity utilization of a store can be displayed on a homepage.

Via the browser-based Admintool the user accounts are managed and the locations are configured. The creation of further users and locations is possible without any problems in the self-service. In addition to the configurations, the Entry-Lights can be managed and statistical analyses can be viewed.

The actual people counting takes place either fully automatically through light barrier of the Entry-Lights or manually via app. The correct capacity utilization is always calculated thanks to the merged data in the background.


How fast can the system be used?

The system is ready for immediate use and can be easily put into operation via Plug&Play. If the variant with Wifi or network connection has been chosen, an Internet connection is required.

While the Entry-Light is on its way to you, you can already start counting people reliably with the Counter App and get to know the system. As soon as the Entry-Light is set up, the digital assistant takes over. 

What is the purpose of the Admintool?

The Admintool is the central web interface to manage and configure your location, users and devices. There you always have an overview of your location, can create new locations and have an overview of the current workload. Further functions are:

  • Monitoring of all Entry-Lights for your location
  • Historical evaluations of the recorded data
  • Adding and removing users and their permissions
  • Customize the configuration for your location

The Admintool is constantly being developed and extended with new functions. Short term planned features include alerting in case of device failure, extended statistics and evaluations as well as various notifications via e-mail or app.

What is required to set up the Entry-Light?

The Entry-Light requires a power connection within a radius of 5m and an internet connection. If the LTE variant has been selected, it is necessary to ensure that network coverage is available (All-Net SIM card), otherwise a network or Wifi connection is required.

To ensure reliable counting, it is important to achieve separation during passage. The recommended passage width is 0,80m - 1,20m whereas the technically maximum possible passage width is 1,50m. Furthermore, the Entry-Light should be placed on solid, not shaky ground. Depending on the application, a fixed installation can increase the counting stability. 

Due to the double-sided sensors there are various application possibilities. The device can be placed on the left or right side or in the middle. When used in the center, the person detection is ensured on the left and right side of the device. The device configuration can be adjusted dynamically without restarting the device.

Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about the system or its setup.

What happens if the Entry-Light turns red?

The maximum number of persons is configured in the Admintool. As soon as the capacity is 100%, the Entry-Light turns red and the people are informed that the location is fully utilized. In addition, an acoustic warning signal can be activated which sounds if people pass the signal improperly and the Entry-Light is red.

As soon as a sufficient number of people have left the exit and the capacity utilization is below 100%, the Entry-Light immediately turns green and further people can enter the location. Shopping carts or the like are not required for the system.

Can several entrances and exits be synchronized?

Since the Entry-Light does not manage data locally, but synchronizes it with the cloud, multiple devices can work together easily. This means that multiple inputs and outputs can be covered. In addition, the system can be expanded to include the Counter App if, for example, an additional side entrance is only opened on weekends when the system is busy and it is not worthwhile purchasing an additional Entry-Light.

Where can the evaluations be found?

Current analyses of the utilization and the remaining free capacities can be viewed directly in the Counter App. Additional analyses of historical data are available in the Admintool. This way, the times with the highest number of visitors can be identified and employees can be scheduled and scheduled accordingly. In addition, the configuration of your locations can also be made in the Admintool and, for example, the number of permitted persons can be set.

Can I grant another user a only-read authorization?

The sophisticated authorization system enables a very granular rights management. You decide whether a user has access to all data and can, for example, invite additional people, or whether the external security staff can count people but cannot adjust the configured maximum number for your location. If you need additional individual roles, we will be happy to create them for you.

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