In times of corona, those responsible at the Phaeno science center in Wolfsburg had to rethink their admission procedures. During regular times, between 225,000 and 250,000 visitors come to the science museum every year to experiment, discover and be amazed.

The science center Phaeno in Wolfsburg. Picture: Janina Snatzke

However, this year, everything is different. Administration manager Jana Handrick expects a reduction of 50 percent in the number of visitors. The science center is currently only open on weekends, holidays and bridge days. The employees and visitors wear masks, one-way streets are marked on the exhibition areas and extensive measures have been taken to ensure the safety of visitors and employees.

In addition, ten square metres of space per person must be available according to the legal requirements in Lower Saxony. Phaeno voluntarily even guaranteed 20 square meters per person during the first six opening days, as Handrick explains.

Safe counting: One Entry-Light at the escalator, one at the exit

The traffic light system at the science center Phaeno. Picture: Matthias Leitzke

Managing director Michel Junge points at the Entry-Light at the exit. Picture: Matthias Leitzke

For this purpose the museum has installed two Connfair Entry-Lights: One at the entrance, one at the exit. The visitors normally buy their tickets at the cash desk. Afterwards, the way to the experimental stations leads over an escalator - this is where the Entry-Light is located and counts automatically.

Anyone leaving the building is also counted by the second Entry-Light. This way, employees always have an overview of how many people are currently inside and whether this complies with the infection protection rules they have set themselves.

An eye always kept on the current capacity utilisation

The statistics are helpful in this respect. Employees can view them on the Connfair app or on their computer at any time and from anywhere. If you cannot always keep an eye on them, that's not so bad either. The Entry-Light switches to red and signals that the experiment area is already full. The special highlight: Via plug-in, the current capacity utilisation can even be displayed on the homepage. This allows visitors to check at home how many people are currently in the building.

Handrick was positively impressed by the innovative strength of Connfair. She also says that the company is quick to respond to customer requests.

Have we caught your interest in an Entry-Light?

Young and old are amazed and experiment at the stations in Phaeno. Picture: Janina Snatzke

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One hint at the end: Museums, cultural institutions and memorial sites receive financial support from the federal government through the "Neustart" emergency aid programme in order to ensure that admissions are regulated securely: