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Per­so­nen­zäh­lung leicht gemacht. Unsere mobile Ein­lass-Ampel App hilft die gesetz­li­chen Vor­ga­ben leich­ter ein­zu­hal­ten und stets den Über­blick zu behal­ten. Ent­we­der nur per App oder auto­ma­ti­siert in Kom­bi­na­tion mit dem Conn­fair Drehkreuz.

In fast allen Bun­des­län­der gel­ten Ein­lass­be­schrän­kun­gen und Kapa­zi­täts­be­schrän­kun­gen für Frei­bä­der, Museen oder Ver­an­stal­tun­gen.

Digi­tale Unter­stüt­zung beim Zäh­len Ihrer Gäste bekom­men Sie mit der Conn­fair Ein­lass-Ampel App. Ein Mit­ar­bei­ter tickert jede Per­son, die den kon­trol­lier­ten Bereich betritt und hat dank über­sicht­li­cher Aus­wer­tungs-Gra­fi­ken stets im Blick, wie viele Men­schen sich auf dem Gelände auf­hal­ten. Beson­ders prak­tisch ist das, wenn es meh­rere Ein- und Aus­gänge gibt: Die App syn­chro­ni­siert ver­schie­dene Ein­gänge automatisch.

To use the app, simply create your account in the admin tool, create a new location and install the app from the Play or App Store. Log in and you are ready to go!

Wei­tere Nut­zer fügen Sie pro­blem­los über das Admin­tool hinzu. Dort haben Sie auch Zugriff auf die Kon­fi­gu­ra­tion und Aus­wer­tun­gen. Das Dreh­kreuz ist voll­stän­dig kom­pa­ti­bel und kann jeder­zeit für eine auto­ma­ti­sierte Zäh­lung ergänzt werden.

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Kath­rin Luijk

Sales Mana­ge­rin

What our customers say

Municipality of Bad Essen

Sole-Frei­bad Bad Essen — Sai­son 2020 

"In the 2020 season, we used the Connfair Counter-App for visitor counting in the outdoor pool in Bad Essen. This worked out very well and the guests of the outdoor pool found the possibility to view the visitor numbers on the homepage of the municipality of Bad Essen at any time very pleasant".

"Connfair helped us a lot in the realization of our event. The Counter App paired with the capacity utilization display online was a decisive part of our hygiene concept and helped us to obtain the approval to hold the FoodTruck meeting in Lauf an der Pegnitz. The team is working hard without being pushy. The contact is competent and to the point. One can concentrate on the important things while the Connfair team does an excellent job. The next event will be done with Connfair again!"

Mark Schnei­der

Ver­an­stal­ter des Food-Truck Tref­fens 2020 

It's as simple as that

1. Create your account

You can manage your locations in the Connfair admin tool. Simply create a new account and confirm the activation link which you receive via e-mail. You then only have to create your company and your location and are set to go. 

A step-by-step-guide can be found here.

Counter App

2. Install the app

Download the app from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). Log in with the access data of the Admintool. Especially convenient is the login via QR code. You will find this code in the Admintool in the top right-hand corner of your user profile under "QR Code". Now all you have to do is select the location to be evaluated in the app and you can start counting.

Invite more users (optional)

You can easily create additional users in the Admintool. The user management allows you to add additional people via e-mail, who can then use the Admintool and the app. Thanks to predefined roles, you can determine yourself which data the user has access to and which adjustments he can make.

Auslastungsanzeige (optional)

Sie wol­len Ihren Kun­den die aktu­elle Aus­las­tung signa­li­sie­ren? Mit der Imple­men­tie­rung einer Aus­las­tungs­an­zeige auf einem Moni­tor am Ein­gang oder auf Ihrer Home­page kön­nen Ihre Gäste Ihren Besuch bes­ser pla­nen und die Aus­las­tung wird noch bes­ser gesteuert. 

This is how the Connfair entry system works

The heart of our entry light system are the cloud systems. Here all data of the Entry-Lights, the apps and the Admintool converge and are evaluated. Third-party systems can be connected via interfaces (Public APIs) and, for example, the current capacity utilization of a store can be displayed on a homepage.

Via the browser-based Admintool the user accounts are managed and the locations are configured. The creation of further users and locations is possible without any problems in the self-service. In addition to the configurations, the Entry-Lights can be managed and statistical analyses can be viewed.

The actual people counting takes place either fully automatically through light barrier of the Entry-Lights or manually via app. The correct capacity utilization is always calculated thanks to the merged data in the background.


How fast can the app be used?

Immediately! Simply create an account, create your locations and install the app - all completely self-service and available at any time of day or night. Try out the app now with 100 test counts without obligation!

How much does the app cost?

The first 100 people counts are available for testing purposes - and without a credit card!  Afterwards the app costs 10 Euro per month for each user. Discounts are possible for larger user numbers - please contact us individually. This includes regular updates and extensions of the software and access to the Admintool with all evaluations. The test phase is non-binding and users can be adjusted monthly.

Each user profile contains 10,000 people counted every month. 4 user profiles for example have an allowance of 40.000 counts per month. Each additional 10.000 person count or part thereof will be charged with an additional 10€ each. 

If you have purchased a Connfair Entry-Light, you will receive five free users per Entry-Light. So you can already use our systems while the Entry-Light is still on its way to you.

How many user profiles can be created?

There is no limit to the number of users. You can create as many users in the Admintool as you want. It is recommended to divide the permissions by user groups.

Can several entrances and exits be synchronized?

Since our app does not manage the data locally, but synchronizes it with the cloud, multiple app users can easily collaborate. This allows multiple inputs and outputs to be covered. Counting up and down is conveniently implemented in the app using the quick buttons.

I already own a Entry-Light. Can I still use the app?

Thanks to cloud synchronization, our systems can be combined in any combination. You can use both the entry Entry-Light without app, the Entry-Light with app or only the app. If a further entrance is opened during short-term peaks in capacity utilization, for example on a Saturday, the entrance-light app can be easily integrated into the system with the existing Entry-Lights. You do not have to buy another one.

Where can the evaluations be found?

The app directly provides initial evaluations of the current workload and the remaining free capacities. Additional analyses of historical data are available in the Admintool. This way, the times with the highest number of visitors can be identified and employees can be scheduled and scheduled accordingly. In addition, the configuration of your locations can also be made in the Admintool and, for example, the number of permitted persons can be set.

Can I grant another user a only-read authorization?

The sophisticated authorization system enables a very granular rights management. You decide whether a user has access to all data and can, for example, invite additional people, or whether the external security staff can count people but cannot adjust the configured maximum number for your location. If you need additional individual roles, we will be happy to create them for you.

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