Visitor Registration

Comply with regulatory requirements for the collection of personal data for contact tracking. Ideal for restaurants and other establishments that are required to collect contact information and length of stay.

In many federal states, restaurants, shops and museums are gradually opening up again. However, this is often subject to strict regulations and personal data must be stored for possible contact tracking.

With a slight modification of the Connfair online ticketing system, visitor registration is digitally possible. The visitor registers either in advance or on site via smartphone and enters his contact details. He will then receive a ticket with a QR code via e-mail, which will be scanned on site with the Android-based Connfair Admin App when entering and leaving the site.

This way, it can be traced who stayed when and for how long. Just in case, you will receive a simple data export with the contact details, which you can pass on to the respective authority. We will take care of the deletion of the personal data after the deadline.

Your restaurant is configured via the Connfair admin tool. As a bonus you can also view statistics and evaluations there.

Your contact person regarding all questions about the Connfair visitor registration

Arne Schäu­fele

CEO & Co-Foun­der

+49 6151 520 1330​

This is how the Connfair visitor registration works

The cloud systems and the core ticketing module are the heart of visitor registration. This is where all data from the admin tool, the event page and the apps converge and are evaluated. Third-party systems can be connected via interfaces (Public APIs).

The browser-based admin tool is used to carry out the complete configuration and manage users - thanks to self-service without support requests. For each event created, you automatically receive your own website, the so-called event page. You can customize it yourself with images or individual descriptive texts. Your visitors can then select tickets and register after publication. You can customize all selection fields in the registration process and add your own fields. This gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to react quickly to changes in official regulations.

The Connfair Admin App is then used on site. The Android-based smartphone app works with the same user as the admin tool and can be used to scan QR codes when entering and leaving the site.

It's as simple as that

1. Create your account

In the Connfair admin tool you manage your locations. Simply create a new account and confirm the activation link which you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards you only have to create your company and your restaurant and you are ready for the initial configuration.

In the following we will talk about events instead of restaurants because the visitor registration is based on the Connfair ticketing module and the naming is currently being adapted.

2. Configure your restaurant

After you have created your event, you can start with the configuration. For example, ticket categories can be created for different days or periods of time. In addition, you can use the registration fields to determine which data you request from your visitors. Additionally you can upload pictures, add a description or adjust your contact details where your visitors can reach you.

3. Share the event page

The configuration is complete - now all you have to do is start the registration and share the link to your individual event page. We recommend to share the link both in your Google My Business profile and on your website.

To avoid having to enter short-term visitors in a separate system, you can print out a QR code for your event page on site and allow your customers to fill in their data spontaneously on site. You can download the QR code directly on the start page in the admin tool. 

Connfair Admin App

4. Install the app

Download the app from the Play Store (Android). Log in with the access data of the admin tool. Especially comfortable is the login via QR code. You can find this code in the admin tool in the top right corner of your user profile under "QR Code". All you have to do now is select your event or restaurant in the app and start scanning QR codes.

Invite more users (optional)

Wei­tere Nut­zer kön­nen Sie ein­fach im Admin­tool erstel­len. Das Nutzer­ma­nage­ment ermög­licht Ihnen per E‑Mail wei­tere Per­so­nen hin­zu­fü­gen, wel­che dann das Admin­tool und die App ver­wen­den kön­nen. Dank vor­de­fi­nier­ter Rol­len bestim­men Sie selbst auf wel­che Daten der Nut­zer Zugriff bekommt und wel­che Anpas­sun­gen er vor­neh­men kann.


Can I test the system first?

Of course! The first 100 registrations are completely free. Simply create an account, create your event and install the app - all completely self-service and available at any time of day or night.

Why do the Admin Tool and app talk about event and not restaurant?

The visitor registration is essentially based on the Connfair ticketing module. This module, originally developed for events, was adapted at short notice to enable visitor registration in times of the coronavirus. At the same time we are further developing our system and adding additional functions that make visitor registration even easier. Furthermore, we are working on the adaptation of the terms used. There is nothing more to stop you from getting started with our system.

How many user profiles can be created?

There is no limit to the number of users. You can create as many users in the admin tool as you like. However, we recommend to divide the permissions per user groups.

Can I insert table numbers as well?

The customizable registration fields allow you to determine which data is requested. If you are doing the data collection on site, you can request table numbers as an additional selection field in the registration process.

In addition it is possible to save a comment per ticket with further relevant data.

How do I pass on the data to the authorities?

If you need a list of people who have been in your restaurant at a certain time, you can get it from Connfair via support request in excel format. In addition, we are working on a self-service which will be available shortly and will generate an excel list for you via date selection.

Where can the evaluations be found?

Initial evaluations can already be viewed directly in the app. Additional analyses of historical data are accessible in the admin tool. This way, the times with the highest number of visitors can be identified and employees can be scheduled accordingly. Take a look at the full spectrum of analyses in the admin tool.

Can I grant another user a only-read authorization?

The sophisticated authorization system enables a very granular rights management. You decide whether a user has access to all data and can, for example, invite further people, or whether the external security personnel can scan QR codes but cannot adjust the configuration for your restaurant. If you need further individual roles, we will be happy to create them for you.

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