Visitor management

Tailor-made solution for the restart of events after the corona crisis.

  • Acquisition of contact data
  • Visitor counting & control
  • Flexible & expandable system

Among the reports that have come out...

  • Utilization control
  • Acquisition of contact data
  • Customizable
  • Data import
  • DSGVO compliant
  • Online ticketing
  • Pre-registration
  • On-site registration
  • Payment processing
  • i.a. Google & Apple Pay
  • Admission management
  • Mobile turnstile
  • Smartphone apps
  • People counting
  • Integrations & Plugins
  • Visitor communication
  • Analysis
  • Coverage analysis
  • Success evaluations
  • Expandable system

Continuously more organizers are planning the restart of fairs & events with the help of comprehensive hygiene concepts. One of the most important parts is contact data collection as well as a dynamic & efficient visitor and utilization control.

Connfair supports with a customized solution based on the Connfair event platform. This covers many areas from contact data acquisition via online registration to the exact recording of the dwell time of each visitor during the event.

Thanks to the Connfair cloud systems, you always have a complete overview and can take short-term measures. Furthermore, you can always react flexibly to short-term changes in specifications.

Your direct contact person regarding all questions

Arne Schäu­fele

CEO & Co-Foun­der

+49 6151 520 1330​

What our customers say

Meena Stave­sand

 Project Manager of Medien | Zukunft | Fes­ti­val
Orga­ni­sa­tion: DJV Baden-Würt­tem­berg  

"We were completely satisfied with our collaboration with Connfair. There were no problems whatsoever with the ticketing - both before and during the event. We would like to emphasize that our questions and wishes were always responded to immediately. Connfair has an excellent customer management! Therefore we are looking forward to a long-term cooperation for our next events." 

Chris­tine Frank


"Due to Connfair Ticketing, annoying Excel-Lists are no longer necessary! We are not only up-to-date about the number of visitors at any time, but we are also able to see how those visitors became aware of us thanks to the tracking links. New events are available online within minutes due to the unmediated admin tool. We can customize the highly flexible event page to the exact needs of our target audience. And if any problems occur, the support team is happy to help immediately."

Ste­fan Hund

Fuckup Nights

"My small team and I brought the FuckUp Night in Darmstadt to life. The ticketing needed to have integrated payment processing and make smooth entrance-management possible. Additionally, the sales revenue arrived in our bank account every week - perfect! It was very important for me to have a personal contact person, who can solve any issues immediately and effectively."

 Michael Stöckl

Cider World Frank­furt

"The price performance ratio and the fast forwarding of the revenues convinced me in our first meeting. My personal wishes during the booking process were implemented perfectly. The customer support quickly solved our few problems and the personal communication works very well in general."

Your advantages

DSGVO compliant acquisition of contact data

Thanks to the underlying online ticketing, a DSGVO compliant registration can be set up and started within a few minutes. For each event you will receive a flexibly configurable event page via which the registration is carried out. The registration can then be performed either in advance or on site.

Chargeable tickets can be optionally processed with the various, directly integrated payment methods such as Google & Apple Pay. The payout of the income takes place directly and therefore does not create an additional burden on your cash flow.

Visitor control

Admission management and visitor counting enable an efficient and dynamic visitor control. You can either identify persons uniquely via ticket or perform an anonymous count via app or light barrier. Digital or physical traffic light signals show visitors the possibility of free access and thus enable an efficient and best possible visitor distribution on the premises in compliance with the regulations.

Via interfaces, the data can also be integrated into existing applications, homepages or apps for visitors. You have complex requests? We would be happy to advise and support you to enable you to restart your events!

Flexible & expandable system

We know about the complexity of existing systems and special requirements of some events. Additional challenges are created by conditions and short-term changes to official regulations. Therefore, the Connfair event platform was designed to be flexible and easy to use from the very beginning. It also offers organizers ideal opportunities to successfully conduct events again.

Should the existing system still not meet your requirements, we will be happy to implement your ideas and conditions together in a project. Thanks to fast and high-quality implementation, nothing can stop a speedy start to the event.

The overall system

Cloud based

Take advantage of all benefits of a centrally integrated system - without having to worry about servers and maintenance. DSGVO compliant data storage included.

Acquisition of contact data

Flexibly configurable registration for preliminary- or on-site contact data acquisition according to valid specifications. Automatic deletion of personal data after four weeks.

Online ticketing

Use functions of the core module ticketing such as the event page with modern payment methods such as Google & Apple Pay directly integrated - with direct payout of your earnings.

Admission management

The Connfair Admin App and the mobile turnstile handle the entry and exit comfortably and contactlessly while the cloud calculates the dwell times in the background.


Receive diverse analysis possibilities for current and historical data such as sales statistics or diverse visitor statistics.

People counting

The Entry-Light and Counter App are seamlessly integrated and offer anonymous people counting as an alternative or supplement to tickets. Ideal for partial areas with a limited number of people.


The modules of the Connfair event platform are fully compatible and can be added at any time. We will be happy to implement additional special solutions as a joint project!


With the public interfaces (APIs), the registration or current utilization can be displayed on a homepage. Additional integrations can be developed.


How fast can the system be used?

The cloud-based approach makes the system ready for immediate usage. All you need to do is create an event, make your individual adjustments and you are ready to go. You will automatically receive your own event page for registration which you can distribute on your homepage and in social media. Thanks to tracking links, you even have an overview of which channel the top-selling customers come from.

You can sign up directly via and start yourself by exploring functions or request a free and non-binding product demo via .  

How does the registration/ticket purchase process work?

After creating an event you will receive an individual ad-free event page which you can fill with your own content. The registration is then carried out via this website. You decide which information is requested, which data is mandatory and which is optional. In addition, the integrated payment processing can be used if you want to sell paid tickets.

As soon as the visitor has bought a ticket on the event page, the ticket will be sent by e-mail with a QR code which can be used for admission. If you want to give visitors the opportunity to register spontaneously on site, the event page can be displayed as a QR code and the registration can be carried out using their own smartphone on-site. You as an organizer always have a live overview of the tickets currently sold and can adjust the ticket categories and the number of available tickets in real time.

If you need individual integrations into your own homepage or into existing systems, we will be happy to advise you and develop an individual extension of our platform together with you to meet your needs.

How can the corona specifications be implemented?

Connfair's goal is to offer a tailor-made solution for visitor management, which enables and simplifies the restart of events for organizers. Various measures such as contact data acquisition, maximum number of persons for an event as well as persons per square meter are regular governmental requirements which are made and changed at short notice. With the flexible platform, which is based on the Connfair event platform with the module online ticketing and the counting system per Entry-Light or Counter App, we have the ideal expertise and products to make it possible. A sustainable application even beyond the corona crisis is given and reduces the risk for organizers to make additional investments which are no longer needed in a sudden downturn.

The platform is constantly being further developed and regularly supplemented with new functions based on the current measures and requirements from specifications and hygiene concepts. We will be happy to implement any additional customer-specific requirements flexibly and quickly for you.

How does the admission management work?

After the registration your visitors will receive a ticket with a QR code which can be used for admission. The actual validity check is then carried out on site using a smartphone app or the patented mobile turnstile. The data is synchronized in the background and the current capacity utilization is calculated live to enable efficient visitor control. When leaving the premises, people can be registered again in order to be able to follow possible chains of infection better or to allow re-entry with the same ticket.

Alternatively, the anonymous counting system via Entry-Lights can be used if there is no requirement for personal admission. 

Ticket-based and anonymous counting can be combined with each other and, for example, a person-related registration can be carried out at the main entrance and exit, while an anonymous count of persons is performed within the site in individual sub-areas (e.g. exhibition halls). Of course, tickets can also be used to record who has been in an individual exhibition hall and for how long.

How does the people counting work?

The people counting provides an anonymous guarantee of compliance with maximum capacities on an event site or individual sections of a site. Thanks to full integration into visitor management, it can be ideally combined with registration. 

The actual counting takes place either manually via smartphone using iOS and Android apps or alternatively fully automated via the mobile Entry-Light, which is automatically connected to the Connfair cloud system via an integrated LTE module and can therefore be set up within a few minutes. In addition, the Entry-Light has an easy-to-understand traffic light signaling which indicates the current utilization. Several entrances and exits can be covered without any problems and additional live displays on homepages or in smartphone apps can be enabled via plugins and interfaces.  

What is the purpose of the admin tool?

The admintool is the central web interface to manage and configure your event, users and devices. It also gives insight to additional statistics and analyses. You can create additional events yourself and make individual adjustments whenever you want. Further functions are among others:

  • Storage of ticket categories, contingents and additional information
  • View currently sold tickets and live configuration changes
  • Get in contact with ticket holders by e-mail
  • Live monitoring of sales figures and occupancy during the admission
  • Historic evaluations of all conceived data
  • Adding and removing users and their permissions
  • Adjust the configuration of your event

The admintool is constantly being developed and extended with new functions. We are happy to include your feedback and wishes for new functions in the development. Simply write to us via

Which evaluations and analysis options are available?

Extensive evaluations and statistics are among the unique selling points of the Connfair event platform. So you always have an overview of the current number of people on-site and the distribution of entries and exits to the different entrances and exits. Main times can be identified and visitor flows can be directed in advance to avoid crowds at the entrances and exits.

In the area of ticket sales you can make a range analysis and determine where your customers come from using an interactive map. Turnover-related statistics on the cities, ticket categories and sales channels with the highest turnover are included, as well as conversion rates during purchase or the number of hits on your event page. This allows you to make the best use of your advertising budget and avoid surprises.

If you use the hardware-based mobile turnstile or the Entry-Light, you will receive additional device statistics on the online status and notifications in case of errors. We would be happy to present additional evaluations in a free product demo. Ask now without obligation via

Is there a non-binding test version?

Of course the system can be tested by you free of charge. As soon as you have created an account you will be granted access to one of our demo events where you already have an overview of all functions and evaluations. As soon as you have created your own event you can adjust configurations and settings without incurring costs.

Fees are first incurred with the sale of tickets. You can either register directly via and start yourself by exploring functions or request a free and non-binding product demo via .  

You have further questions or would like a free demonstration?